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Viewing and responding to Feedback from buyers

There may be times when you want to reply to Feedback a buyer has left for you, or add a comment to Feedback you've previously left for someone else. You can't change Feedback you've left for a buyer, but you can ask a buyer to reconsider Feedback they left for you.

You can view all the Feedback you've left or received in your Feedback profile. From there you can also respond to Feedback.

When you respond to Feedback, your reply appears directly below the initial Feedback comment.

Here's how you can reply:

  1. From your Feedback profile page, select Reply to Feedback.
  2. Find the Feedback you'd like to reply to, and select Reply from the Action column.
  3. Enter your reply, then select Leave Reply.

Reply to Feedback

If you can't find the Feedback you want to reply to, you can enter the buyer's username or the item number to find the transaction in the Find Feedback field on the Reply to Feedback Received page.

You can only reply once to a Feedback comment, and you can't edit or retract that reply.

Follow up on Feedback you left for a buyer

You can't change Feedback you left for a buyer, but you can add extra comments.

Visit Seller Help to dispute any buyer Feedback.

If you believe the Feedback you received from a buyer wasn't accurate or fair, you can request a Feedback revision.

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