Pan Self Tapping 10g (4.8mm) X 3" 75mm Stainless Screw 304 Tapper A2 SS

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2g x 11/64" (Full Thread)
2g x 1/4" (Full Thread)
2g x 3/8" (Full Thread)
2g x 1/2" (Full Thread)
2g x 5/8" (Full Thread)
2g x 3/4" (Full Thread)
4g x 1/4" (Full Thread)
4g x 5/16" (Full Thread)
4g x 3/8" (Full Thread)
4g x 1/2" (Full Thread)
4g x 5/8" (Full Thread)
4g x 3/4" (Full Thread)
4g x 1" (Full Thread)
6g x 1/4" (Full Thread)
6g x 5/16" (Full Thread)
6g x 3/8" (Full Thread)
6g x 1/2" (Full Thread)
6g x 5/8" (Full Thread)
6g x 3/4" (Full Thread)
6g x 1" (Full Thread)
6g x 1-1/4" (Full Thread)
6g x 1-1/2" (Full Thread)
6g x 2" (Full Thread)
8g x 3/8" (Full Thread)
8g x 1/2" (Full Thread)
8g x 5/8" (Full Thread)
8g x 3/4" (Full Thread)
8g x 1" (Full Thread)
8g x 1-1/4" (Full Thread)
8g x 1-1/2" (Full Thread)
8g x 2" (Full Thread)
8g x 2-1/2" (Full Thread)
8g x 3" (Full Thread)
10g x 3/8" (Full Thread)
10g x 1/2" (Full Thread)
10g x 5/8" (Full Thread)
10g x 3/4" (Full Thread)
10g x 1" (Full Thread)
10g x 1-1/4" (Full Thread)
10g x 1-1/2" (Full Thread)
10g x 2" (Full Thread)
10g x 2-1/2" (Full Thread)
10g x 3" (Full Thread)
12g x 1/2" (Full Thread)
12g x 5/8" (Full Thread)
12g x 3/4" (Full Thread)
12g x 1" (Full Thread)
12g x 1-1/4" (Full Thread)
12g x 1-1/2" (Full Thread)
12g x 2" (Full Thread)
12g x 2-1/2" (Full Thread)
12g x 3" (Full Thread)
14g x 1/2" (Full Thread)
14g x 5/8" (Full Thread)
14g x 3/4" (Full Thread)
14g x 1" (Full Thread)
14g x 1-1/4" (Full Thread)
14g x 1-1/2" (Full Thread)
14g x 2" (Full Thread)
14g x 2-1/2" (Full Thread)
14g x 3" (Full Thread)
Stainless Steel - G304. Stainless G304 = Good level corrosion protection. Grade A2-70 G304. Flange Bolts. Cup Head Bolt - Coach Bolt. SELF TAPPING SCREW KITS. Product Self Tapping Screw. SCREWS -SELF TAPPING.