Maxell LR44 Alkaline 1.5V Coin Cell/Button Batteries - 2 Count

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G3/LR41 maxell
G10/LR1130 maxell
G13/LR44 maxell
Great brand of button batteries, known for its high quality and lifespan. Expiration date: Between 2025 and 2027 depending on batches and references The photo represents a complete blister, and does not change depending on the quantity chosen. If you ordered 1 battery, you will receive 1 battery and not a complete blister. ELECTRO.BATTERIES offers you the biggest brands of batteries sold at the best price: CAMELION, maxell, varta, Duracell, Panasonic or RAYOVAC  - Decreasing price and discounts depending on the quantity purchased. Our customer service remains at your disposal for any questions, a reference you are looking for, need for large quantities. Ordering from our company Electro.Piles helps preserve jobs in France! ""Electro.Piles personal photo montage, 100% original products m.