Varta 377101111 V 377 Watch - Battery - 27 mAh 1.55 V - Blister

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Button batteries 371 SR71 SR920SW special for maxell watches Silver oxide has a very long durability compared to alkalines. Do not hesitate to contact us directly, we will find the model you need. Expiration date: Between 2023 and 2024 depending on batches and references 371 SR71  605  280-31    D371  371  SR920SW  371 ELECTRO.PILES offers you the biggest brands of batteries sold at the best price: CAMELION, maxell , vartaDuracell, Panasonic or RAYOVAC  - Decreasing price depending on the quantity purchased. Our customer service remains at your disposal for all your questions (reference, quantity, bulk purchase, etc.) Ordering from Electro.Piles helps preserve French jobs “Electro.Piles personal photo montage, 100% original products manufactured by hitachi maxell Ltd Japan” SYDEREP num.