Takara Tomy B00HK Beyblade

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BX-18 String Launcher
Full Set Takara Tomy Beyblade X Original BX-14 Vol
BX-14 Random Booster Vol.1 06 Wizard Arrow 3-60T
BX-13 Knight Lance 4-80HN
BX-11 Launcher Grip
BX-09 Battle Pass
BX-08 3 on 3 Deck Set
BX-06 Knightshield 3-80N Booster
BX-05 Wizardarrow 4-80B Booster
BX-04 Knightshield 3-80N Starter
BX-03 Wizardarrow 4-80B Starter
BX-02 Hellsscythe 4-60T Starter
BX-01 Dransword 3-60F Starter
BX-00 Dranzer Spiral 3-80
B-00 Hello Kitty Left Right
B-206 Barricade Lucifer Booster
B-205 Spriggan Ultimate VS Set
B-201 Zest Achilles Customize Set
B-203 Ultimate Combination DX Set
B-200 Xiphoid Excalibur .Xn.Sw`-1 Starter
B-199 Gatling Dragon.Kr.Cm'-10 Starter
B-197 Divine Belial.Nx.Ad-3? Booster
B-196 Vol. 28 Random (only 1)
B-195 Prominence Valkyrie Over Atomic -0 B195 Boos
B-193 Ultimate Valkyrie .Lg.V'-9 Booster
B-192 Greatest Raphael Over High Xtend Booster
B-189 Guilty Longinus Kr.MDs-2 (Out of stock)
B-187 Savior Valkyrie .Sh-7 Starter
B-185 Vanish Fafnir .Tp.Kc-3 Booster (Out of stock)
B-184 Custom Bey Launcher LR
B-183 Beystadium DB Standard Type
B-180 Dynamite Belial .Nx.Vn-2 Booster
B-181 Random Booster Vol. 25
B-179 Death Solomon.MF 2B Booster
B-177 Jet Wyvern.Ar.Js 1D Booster
B-176 Random Booster Vol 23 (Out of stock)
B-172 World Spriggan・U′ 2B
B-171 Superking Triple Boost set
B-167 Mirage Fafnir
B-163 Brave Valkyrie Evolution' 2A Booster
B-150 Union Achilles Cn.Xt + Retsu Booster
B144 Booster Zwei Longinus Dr.Sp' METSU
B-135 Bushin Ashura .Hr.Kp.Ten Booster
B133 Ace Dragon .St.Ch GT Starter Launcher
B-130 Random Booster Vol. 13
B-120 Xcalibur.1'. Sw Starter
B-118 Random BoosterVol.11
B-109 Grip Gun Metalic Gunmetal
B-106 Emperor Forneus .0.Yr Booster
B-103 Screw Trident Spiral
B-102 Twin Nemesis
B-99 Launcher Clear White Left
BG-09 layer
BX-19 Rhino Horn 3-80S
BX-21 Hells Chain Deck Set
BX-22 DranSword 3-60F
BX-23 Phoenix Wing 9-60GF
BX-24 Random Booster Vol.2 ( One only)
B-151 Random Booster Vol. 17 (One only)
BX-09 Beybattle Pass
B-191 Overdrive Special Starter Set
TakaraTomy SuperKing Collection. The inclusion of the "X" gimmick further enhances these beloved features, taking them to new heights. This groundbreaking feature, known as"X Dash," enables players to execute lightning-fast attacks, creating a strategic and intense battle experience.