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Amplify your audio experience.

Buying the right audio equipment can make a big difference to the quality of your sound. Whether you’re looking for headphones for on-the-go listening or speakers and amplifiers for home, eBay has audio equipment to suit your needs.

Headphones are the perfect accessory if you like to listen to music while you exercise. Some earbuds are designed to stay put in your ears while you run and lift. Look for sets with their own controls built into the wires for extra convenience.

Larger headphones generally offer a higher-quality listening experience. They’re great for the workplace as well as late night gaming or when you don’t want to disturb other people in your house.

The right speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers can have a big impact on the type of sound you produce. A subwoofer will enhance the deep bass of your favourite songs and an amplifier can help fill larger areas with sound. Speakers that come in multiple units can be placed in different areas for optimal sound. Outdoor speakers can improve patio and pool hangouts.

eBay has a great range of large systems - just remember small areas might not call for larger speakers because the sound will bounce off the walls. Sometimes smaller, portable Bluetooth speaker systems with great audio power will work well in smaller spaces.

eBay’s headphones, speakers and other audio equipment can help you enjoy your music to the fullest.