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What do you need to think about when buying a car?

Cars, bikes, boats, caravans. With big purchases such as these, there will always be certain factors to consider before putting any money down. When it comes to buying a car, there are plenty of decisions to be made. New or used? Manual or automatic? Which make and model? Which features and accessories? While some people know exactly what they want, others have to weigh up their options and give it some serious consideration.

With a range of cars for sale, eBay can be used by car buyers with their minds made up, and for those who are still coming to a decision. Potential buyers can search by make and model, by price, by age and by location; offering an easy way to check out a wide range of cars, without having to trawl the car yards.

But how to narrow down the options with so many cars available? As with any purchase, think about how it’s going to be used. Will the car be used as a run-around, or will it have to cover some serious kilometres? How much boot space is needed? Are there any specific seat requirements? Will the car need a certain towing capacity to tow a boat, caravan or trailer? Will the kids be learning to drive in the car?

Research cars by reading reviews online. Look up the cost of parts. Take a few test drives. Check out insurance quotes to find out how much the car will cost to insure. Find out how economical the car is in terms of petrol consumption. Think about how the make and model tends to depreciate. While there’s definitely a lot to think about, be sure to cover all angles before buying.

What kind of car accessories are available?

Allowing complete personalisation and customisation, aftermarket car accessories have long been popular among car owners. From GPS units and reverse cameras, to stereo and DVD systems, performance suspension, alloy wheels and intelligent keys; there are car accessories out there to suit all tastes, all cars and all budgets.