Click & Collect

Make your online shopping suit your schedule with eBay Click & Collect

One of the best things about online shopping is that it’s so flexible. A few quick clicks at work is all it takes to order a new outfit for this weekend. Don’t want to mess with the shops during busy holiday periods like Christmas, Mother’s Day and stocktake sales? Online shopping with eBay lets you cross things off your gift list without even leaving the couch.

eBay is always striving to make shopping online easier, which is why we’ve made it even simpler to get your hands on what you order online with a buyer-friendly Click & Collect option.

We’ve partnered with Woolworths to provide a handy, helpful solution for some common issues that can come with online shopping delivery. Click & Collect offers the convenient option to buy online from your favourite brands and retailers and pickup at your local Woolworths store. It makes receiving your goods a breeze.

The benefits of Click & Collect

There are several reasons why eBay Click & Collect is an especially handy tool for those shopping online with eBay.

No more pick up and drop off confusion: Putting your personal and professional lives on hold in order to sync your schedule with that of a delivery service can be a nightmare. Skip the headaches by collecting your package on your terms.

No more long queues at the post office: With Click & Collect you don’t need to brave the lines at the post office. Just pop into the Woolworths store you choose and head to the Pick up point instead.

No more worrying about your package’s safety: The last thing you want is your valuable new piece of tech, that luxury fashion item, jewellery or appliance sitting unguarded outside your home or apartment, free for somebody to steal. With eBay Click & Collect, your package will be held safely in store until you’re ready to pick it up.

How to use Click & Collect

One of the best things about Click & Collect is how easy it is to use.

Step 1: Browse the huge collection of items available from our trusted range of sellers, including many of the most popular brands in Australia. See if the Click & Collect logo is featured on the item you’re looking to purchase.

Step 2: At checkout, select Click & Collect as your delivery option and choose the nearest Woolworths store from which you’d like to collect your item.

Step 3: eBay will send you a collection code via email or SMS when your item is ready to collect.

Step 4: Take your collection code to the Woolworths store you chose and pick up the item. You’ll have seven days from the time you receive your collection code via email or SMS to collect your delivery.

That’s it!

Don’t let restricted delivery times dictate how you receive the stuff you buy online. With eBay Click & Collect you can take the hassle out of online package delivery and tailor your shopping to your needs and schedule. Shop with more freedom today!