Computer Components & Parts

Components and parts to fix or enhance your computer.

Adding parts and components to your computer can enhance your gaming, working and other digital and video activity. eBay has the tools you need to boost your machine’s power.

Installing a new graphics, video or sound card will allow your computer to better handle high-quality video and audio that comes with the latest games and prevent lagging and pixilation.

RAM is what allows you to have different programs and apps open at the same time. If performing these tasks requires more RAM than your computer has, your computer uses its hard drive to run things and which makes your computer run slow. Adding extra RAM to your computer can help ensure it runs quickly and efficiently.

eBay also has the keyboards, mice and screens you need to repair your damaged laptop or desktop.

If you need replacement parts or want to start getting more out of your computer, eBay has computer components that can improve your machine’s power and performance.