Dolls & Bears

How do you make a teddy bear?

There are plenty of teddy bears out there. There are antique bears and extravagantly expensive bears; bears with eyes made of diamonds that cost thousands of dollars. While most kids would be happy with a regular old bear – without diamonds for eyes – it can still be a nice idea to give a unique teddy bear as a gift.

There is the alternative option of making one from scratch. Making teddy bears doesn’t have to be difficult. Budding bear makers can find a selection of bear patterns. These patterns can offer a great starting point, providing the basics for creating teddy bears of all shapes and sizes.

When making bears by hand, there is also the opportunity to customise each bear to suit the recipient. That could means stitching the recipient’s name on the bear, or dressing the bear to create its character.

How do you find the perfect doll to give as a gift?

Dolls really do come in all shapes and sizes. For those new to the world of dolls, there’s much more than just Barbie and baby dolls; which can make it especially difficult when buying a doll as a gift. As with most gift-giving, it pays to know a little bit about the recipient before making a decision. If the doll is for a child, a good place to start is age. Most dolls feature an age guide, which should give a recommendation of the age that doll is appropriate for.

Checking out the range of dolls available on eBay is a great place to start doll shopping. Dolls are split into different categories, allowing the buyer to search by brand or by type. For little kids, baby dolls are often perfect gifts. Some kids just love having their own baby to look after, feed and change. Brands such as Baby Born, Cabbage Patch, Berenguer, Berjusa and My Child all offer a wide selection of baby dolls. For little kids who already have a baby doll, eBay’s range of doll accessories could offer alternative gift ideas. This can include baby doll clothes, prams, cots, high chairs and so much more.