Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions ("Program Terms") govern the COVID-19 payment deferral program ("Program") being offered by eBay, Inc. or its subsidiaries (collectively and individually referred to as "eBay", "we" or "us") to U.S. eBay Store subscribers and all other business sellers (as defined by jurisdiction) (collectively and individually referred to as "Sellers") using eBay Services pursuant to our User Agreement.

What is the Program?

eBay will defer payments of Covered Fees during the Deferment Period (as explained below) to certain eligible Sellers. Fees eligible for deferment include insertion, optional listing upgrade, final value, subscription and Promoted Listing fees ("Covered Fees"). Payments processing fees are not eligible for deferment. The Program is not a waiver of fees due and owed to eBay under the User Agreement. Rather, any fees retained by sellers and not collected by eBay will become due and payable following the conclusion of the Deferment Period. In certain circumstances, non-Covered Fees may also be deferred along with Covered Fees. In those cases, non-Covered Fees will be due and payable in full on your next invoice and Covered Fees will become due and payable following the Deferment Period as described below.

Who is eligible?

Enrollment eligibility is subject to eBay's prior approval in its discretion. Eligibility criteria may vary by jurisdiction.

When is it?

The Deferment Period is one (1) billing cycle, payable over the next two billing cycles. Deferred fees will be due with the next invoice. Sellers will receive notice of their enrollment on the submission page for this program.

How do I submit a request to enroll?

In order to participate in the Program, Sellers must click to accept these Program Terms. Acceptance of the Program Terms, however, does not constitute enrollment to the Program. Enrollment eligibility is determined within eBay's sole discretion. Only one (1) submission per seller is permitted.

Restrictions & Exclusions

eBay reserves the right to exclude Sellers on the basis that their seller accounts have fallen below the minimum required seller performance standards. Sellers may confirm seller performance standards by checking their account status in My eBay.
eBay reserves the right to exclude Sellers based on payment history, including, but not limited to, late payments.
eBay reserves the right to exclude Sellers based on account history (i.e., the length of time a Seller has been selling on eBay).
eBay reserves the right to limit the total amount of fees eligible for deferment under the Program.
eBay reserves the right to exclude Sellers based on Store subscription tier.

General Terms

eBay may cancel, amend, or revoke the Program at any time.
Program Terms may be changed from time to time. Changes take effect when posted. Please check back often for any updates.
eBay may end a Seller's participation in the Program in its discretion at any time by providing notice thereof (via email or My eBay).
The Program Terms shall prevail over any other communication, including marketing communications, Sellers may receive with respect to the Program.