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George4x4 focus on 4WD Recovery Gear! Black eye Soft Shackle Designer! Soft Shackle Hitch Designer! Soft Shackle /Winch Rope/Bridle Rope/ Extension Tow Rope/Dog Leash/Soft Ring/Lifting Soft Rope Sling All Made in Brisbane, local Splicing! 20 years' experience Supply Rigging & Lifting across 30 countries Stock classic 4WD Recovery Gear: Rated Shackle and snatch straps, Kinetic rope and Soft shackles, Synthetic winch rope and Winch Hooks, Snatch block and The Snatch Ring, Winch extension strap & tree trunk protector, Tow Bar and Hitch Pin, Drag chain, Damper, Glove and Heavy duty Carry Bag. Soft shackle Hitch Wholesale and Retail at amazing price! Address: 2/15 Overlord Place. Acacia Ridge, Brisbane, QLD 4110 Show Room/Shop/Warehouse/Producing. Contact: (61)0476528115

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