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AU $38.80

Augustus 27BC-14AD AR Denarius. Lugdunum.

AU $875.80

Italy, Crusaders. 3 x Medieval Silver Coins. ~900-1200AD Lucca & Venice

AU $73.50

10 Uncleaned Ancient ROMAN BRONZE COINS. Lower Quality - Genuine! 1600+ YEARS OL

AU $27.00

Volusian 251-253AD AR Antoninianus. Rome. Concordia

AU $67.00

Kings of Macedon. Philip III 323-317BC Arrrhidaeus. Bronze AE

AU $112.00

Trajan 98-117AD AR Denarius Rome. Arabia

AU $112.00

Mark Antony 44-30BC AR Denarius. Military Mint

AU $1,107.00

Alexander III The Great. 336-323 BC. AR Tetradrachm.

AU $2,588.00

Antoninus Pius 138-161AD AR Denarius Rome.

AU $67.00

Septimius Severus 193-211AD AR Denarius. Rome. Dea Caelestis

AU $281.40

Hadrian 117-138AD AE Sestertius Roman Bronze Coin

AU $338.00

Marcus Aurelius 161-180AD AR Denarius Rome.

AU $90.00

Phrygia, Apameia, ca. 88-40 BC Greek Bronze Coin

AU $74.00

Probus 276-282AD Silvered Antoninianus Ticinum. Mars.

AU $74.00

Uncleaned Coin Cleaning Tool - Vise + 3 diamond grinding tips

AU $22.50

Alabanda, Caria 197-190BC AR Tetradrachm. Pegasos.

AU $3,275.90

Seleucid Empire. 1st cent BC. Seleucis & Piera. AE Tetrachalkon. Zeus

AU $64.00

Domitian 81-96AD AR Denarius. Rome. Ceres

AU $124.00

Gordian III 238-244AD AR Antoninianus Rome. Fortuna

AU $90.00

Faustina II 145-161AD AR Denarius. Rome. Fecunditas

AU $157.10

Maximian 295-299AD AE Antoninianus. Cyzicus. Concordia

AU $97.00

Titus 79-81AD AE Sestertius. Rome. Pax

AU $101.00

Alexander III The Great. 336-323 BC. AR Tetradrachm.

AU $1,649.00

Seleucid Empire. Seleukis & Pieria 38-35BC. Antioch Mint - Zeus

AU $108.00

Alexander I. Balas 152-145BC. Bronze AE. Antioch.

AU $40.00

Gordian III 238-244AD AR Antoninianus Rome. Aequitas

AU $146.00

Commodus 177-192AD AR Denarius. Rome. Apollo

AU $180.00

Philip I 'The Arab' 244-249AD AR Antoninianus. Saecular Games 1000th Anniv.

AU $337.00

Hadrian 117-138AD AR Denarius Rome. Concordia

AU $304.00

Trajan Decius 249-251AD AR Antoninianus. Rome. Uberitas

AU $78.00

Vespasian 69-79AD AR Denarius. Rome. Winged Caduceus

AU $78.00

Augustus 27BC-14AD. AE As. Asia Minor

AU $429.40

Rhescuporis II 211-227AD. Kings of Bosporus. With Elegabalus. Stater, Electrum (

AU $2,091.00

Philip I 'The Arab' 244-247AD. AR Antoninianus. Rome. Saeculares 1000th Anniv.

AU $293.00

Constantine I 306-337AD AE Follis. Victory VOT PR

AU $50.90

Commodus 177-192AD AR Denarius. Rome. Genius

AU $734.00

Geta 209-11AD AE Denarius Roman SILVER COIN

AU $158.00

Hadrian 117-138AD AR Denarius. Rome. Aeternitas

AU $631.70

Geta 189-211AD AR Denarius. Rome

AU $187.00

M. Agrippa 63-12BC. AE As. Under Caligula. Neptune

AU $316.00

Nerva 96-98AD AR Denarius. Rome. Aequitas

AU $338.00

Constantius II 337-361AD - AE3 Bronze Follis Siscia Mint - Phoenix

AU $47.00

Marcus Aurelius 161-180AD AR Denarius. Rome. Honos

AU $406.00

Seleucid Empire Antiochos I 281-261BC Soter - Thunderbolt

AU $74.00

Commodus 177-192AD AR Denarius Rome.

AU $158.00

Philip I 'The Arab' 244-249AD AR Antoninianus Rome. Philip II standing

AU $112.00

Trajan 98-117AD AR Denarius. Rome. Vesta

AU $237.00

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Welcome to my store! I specialize in Roman and ancient coins. The collection features coins from various periods of Roman and ancient history, from the Republic to the late Empire. Each coin has a unique story to tell and provides a glimpse into the history and culture of ancient Rome. My passion for collecting these coins is reflected in the quality of my selection, as I take great care to ensure the authenticity and condition of each coin.
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Good communication with the seller coins that I ordered came no problem and we're well packed with information regarding the coins. plus a discount code for next purchase if needed they were a little late but no big problem as communication with the seller was good so no stress I would definitely recommend this seller
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Received as described but unfortunately was packed with another singular coin weighing 3 grams yet I was still charged the full rate for postage in addition to the first instance. Refunding the second lot of postage should be automatic by the Seller in my opinion, one should not have to request it. Other Sellers automatically refund when ordering multiple lots of coins and without it being requested.
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Hi there, sorry I don't get notified as all my orders come through ebay and my website to an integrated platform. I have refunded you the extra shipping you paid :). Thanks for your order
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