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Hello and welcome to Sunbrero - Sun Masks for Horses. In 2007 we introduced the SolarShield mask to the horse world. The SolarShield is our full ‘NoseSkirt’ style mask giving unsurpassed comfort and UV protection to the lips, mouth and nose area thus eliminating head tossing and bit avoidance due to sunburn. We raised the bar with our comfort pack and 14 standard sizes from Miniature to Clydesdale. They are also available in ‘half’ sizes as well as 'A, B or C' widths! If your horse is super sensitive, in post-op or fighting facial cancer etc then we can offer full UV protection to that particular area. Simply message us through Facebook, Contact us through the website or you can check us out on eBay Our products are handmade in Australia with a range of standard and custom made Fly Veils and dedicated Sun Masks to aid in the prevention, protection, treatment and healing of sunburn, glaucoma, skin & eye cancers, uveitis (ERU), headshaking, cataracts and eye injuries in horses.

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