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Welcome to Triffid Park. Triffid Park is owned and operated by Jason and Donna Smith. We have been servicing the Australian public with our high quality grown Carnivorous Plants and Water Plants since 1st April 2007, on our 15 acre property in Somerville, Victoria, Australia, on the Mornington Peninsula. Here a brand new, modern, high tech, world class nursery was built, after moving from our previous 2 properties where we had been growing carnivorous plants since approximately 1980 and water plants since 1997. Unfortunately our nursery is not open to the public for sales or viewing, but you can purchase by mail order from our fantastic range right here on ebay. We sell many varieties of Carnivorous Plants as well as many varieties of water plants. If you cannot find what you want in our shop, please email us as we have many rare and unusual varieties. We also sell books on Carnivorous plants.

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