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Retired from the service both Defence and Merchant, she who must be obeyed said, "Idle hands are the Devil's playthings" hence, I have decided to start making 00/H0 scenery items for my fellow Model Railroaders and Wargamers. I also sell second hand items of interest, and new UK imports. So far I have commenced manufacturing WW2 items in resin, & rocks in plain white plaster. When time permits, I will be offering both "Hand Painted" however, a rock painting kit is also available. I will be attempting to keep my prices as low as possible, as I, like you, have had first hand experience of how expensive these hobbies have become. I want my items to be affordable for our young beginners, & seniors like me. We are always happy to receive feedback from our customers about items you are finding hard to acquire, we have some great contacts who are great manufacturers, who may be able to assist you, so feel free to contact me; I will always take your comments/feedback seriously. Regards, Col.

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