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Unitek: Y-3371 USB3.1(Gen2) to SATA6G 2.5" Dual Bay SSD Enclosure
06 November 2019
RAID enclosure with fast connectivity at half the price of other brands
Accepts drives not more than 7mm thick. Compact design and solid construction. Aluminium case is attractive and sinks heat.
14 November 2019
A faithful companion in my vehicle: Gator GHDVR52R dash cam
The Gator GHDVR52R dash cam is a very reliable model and easy to use with simple controls. I hard-wired the dash cam myself. The Gator GWHC Dash Cam Hard Wire Kit is required to do that (and is available to purchase separately). I also used something called a fuse tap, from which the hard-wired dash-cam system gets its power. I mount my dash cam high up, behind / below the rear-view mirror. One of the greatest features of this suction-mount apparatus is that it stays exactly the way you position it! If you need advice on how to position the dash cam's lens (that is, exactly where to point it), I line up my car's two windscreen-washer jets along the bottom of the dash cam's display monitor. This has allowed me to get horizontally-level and -centred footage at all times. The dash cam has functionality for full-screen reversing display including guide-lines. Also, you can choose to record audio with the video, or turn audio off. After I had been using the included 8GB microSD card for a while, I bought a 32GB card, the maximum supported by this dash cam. I have set my dash cam to record in 'loop' mode and in intervals of two minutes. The Gator GHDVR52R is my first-ever dash cam and an excellent entry-level unit.
SkyRC iMAX B6AC Version V2 NiMH Lipo RC Balance Charger with Tamiya & Dean Plugs
22 November 2018
If you don't have one, buy one; if you have one, you know what I mean
The best piece of high technology that I have owned in a long time. Easy to use and program: it took me all of a few minutes to set it up, customise it with the intuitive menu and start using it. Terrific ChargeMaster PC-software interface: control/operate, program and update the charger from your computer. Good, clear and simple user-manual. Comprehensive range of adapter cables supplied. Good, informative, useful, real-time data on the display. This is the sort of unit that simply exudes quality: you just know that it is going to remain with you in an enduring working relationship. Impressively engineered. Modest price, worth the money. Always buy genuine.
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