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Hope to deal with you again. Thank you.
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Great communication. A pleasure to do business with.
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Instant Payment Received. Great Buyer. Thanks For Your Purchase
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Hope to deal with you again. Thank you.
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Quick response and fast payment. Perfect! THANKS!!
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211pcs Dremel Rotary Tool Mini Drill set Grinder Sander Polisher Hobby Craft
08 August 2018
great value for money
Has all the tools you need for hobbies, great product all compact in case with visible top through which you can see at a glance if any of the tool bits have been mislaid. You can see easily if you are low on usable parts and need to reorder same.
SEAFLO 12V Water Pump 21 Series 3.8 LPM - RV Camper Trailer Caravan Camping Boat
08 August 2021
Ideal pump in place of hand pump in caravan or similar vehicle, great delivery of water.
I have installed this pump in my caravan in place of a hand operated pump. The installation was easy and I followed the instructions supplied. The important point to remember with this design of pump is being a diaphragm type of design you will not have a pump that operates ultra quiet, having said that I made sure the pump was not tightened down tight on its rubber mountings and I also used the most flexible hosing I could find. It is still a bit noisy but my operation of it is for short time use as in filling kettle or addition of cold water to sink. The pump is fitted on the base of caravan floor underneath the sink unit. The delivery from the water storage tank beneath the caravan is excellent. I would suggest this pump is all that is required for cold water supply in a caravan or similar vehicle.
Wheel Defender Lock Clamp Car Caravan Trailer Security Keys Heavy Duty 13''-15''
13 May 2021
The wheel clamp looks the part so should act as a deterrent to possible theft
I have attached the wheel clamp to my caravan. It was a little fiddley to fit as there are a number of parts which need to be assembled and I would say a second pair of hands would be a great help! The quality of the unit appears quite light, having said that I imagine it would be quite strong and would be a challenge to bend any of the metal parts to remove it once it is fitted correctly. The lock is quite loose on the assembly and I do not think it is of a very good quality. I have fitted the unit and hopefully it will deter the thieves . The wheel clamp is very visible in its bright yellow paint.