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princess_trade (187951)- Feedback left by buyer.
More than a year ago
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Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. Excellent buyer. A++++++.
loveyourjapan (5727)- Feedback left by buyer.
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Thank you from Love Your Japan! We appreciate your business & support.
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Spray Booth LED Air Brush Extractor Hose Turntable Filter Exhaust Fan Portable
22 April 2021
Better than nothing
The booth's purpose is to pull vapours and paint mist away from the person and into the filter, then to vent to the outside world. But the fan just doesn't seem powerful enough to do that. It does draw air in, but unless you are painting literally right next to the filter, it does not draw in the mist/airborne paint. I would recommend a unit with a much stronger fan. There are gaps around the filter's frame, so any paint mist drawn in goes into those gaps instead of being filtered. Sealing these gaps might help solve the fan strength issue, but I have not yet tried that. The light in it just isn't bright enough. There's barely any difference between when it's on and when it's off. Good lighting is essential to ensuring a consistent paint job. If you hold the object being painted very close to the filter, it works, and it is therefore better than nothing. But if you paint even a small distance away from the filter, the vapours are not drawn away. On the whole, this product tries to do its job, but doesn't really achieve it.