Choosing a 14 Inch Laptop Case

If you need to carry a 14 inch laptop or notebook computer from place to place for school or work, a computer carrying case is designed to help protect it from scratches and impact that can occur along the way. Laptop cases are generally constructed to shield portable computers from damage caused by everyday wear and tear as well as the occasional accident. A wide array of designs is available to suit most users' needs.

What are some uses of this type of laptop bag?

You may find that a form-fitting case offers lightweight, convenient protection for your electrical device, whether you are transporting a notebook, tablet or another type of portable computer. If you have a lot to carry, you can slip a laptop, encased in its case, into a larger all-purpose bag such as a duffle or backpack. Alternatively, cases can simply be tucked under an arm for short treks that do not involve much extra baggage. A case is a versatile laptop accessory that may be equipped with handles and carrying straps or styled to resemble an envelope or binder. Many laptop cases can be customised to complement the computer owner's sense of personal style.

What materials are used to make laptop cases?

When selecting a material, you may want to consider the way that you use your laptop as well as your lifestyle and typical travel habits. The options include:

  • Nylon: Water-resistant nylon laptop cases are particularly light-weight. They serve as dust covers and offer scratch protection when used inside bulkier briefcases, bags and totes.
  • Neoprene: Neoprene is a waterproof, weatherproof and shock-resistant material. Neoprene 14-inch laptop cases are generally padded and designed to closely conform to the laptops dimensions.
  • Canvas: Rugged and tough, canvas laptop cases may be outfitted with carrying straps and pockets for extra storage. Some of these canvas products are ecologically friendly choices for environmentally conscious buyers.
  • Leather: Leather laptop cases offer style and strength. Many designs feature pockets or small compartments for additional storage and extra padding for increased protection from drops and bumps.

What other features can you find in a laptop case?

A number of additional features are available depending on your needs and preferences. You can select:

  • Check-point friendly cases that can remain on your laptop when you pass through airport security
  • Cases with trolley straps for easier laptop portability while travelling or running errands
  • Cases with built-in mousepads for convenient mouse usage
  • Case closures that secure the laptop while keeping it readily accessible