Bicycle Brakes

Bicycle brakes for a confident ride

Slowing down and stopping is just as important as moving forward, in life in general, and when you're on a bike. There are many different options available on eBay. Which bike brakes are right for you depends not just on your bike, but also the type of riding you want to do. Bicycle brakes are available from a great range of brands including Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo, and Tektro.

V-brakes, i.e. rim brakes

V-brakes have revolutionised rim braking performance for offroad bikes, hybrid bikes, and tourers. Many models of these bikes are fitted with disc brakes. However, V-brakes should not be discounted as they do offer excellent braking. When the brake cable pulls, two long arms provide leverage. They offer a great deal of braking power and perform well in all conditions. Most V-brakes are sold with cartridge style brake pads, making replacing pads a simple task.

Disc brakes

Mechanical brakes and hydraulic brakes are the two main types of disc brakes for bikes. With mechanical brakes, a normal lever is connected to the brake calliper via a cable. In contrast, hydraulic disc brakes use a lever connected to the pistons by a hose that contains incompressible fluid. Hydraulic disc brakes are much more powerful, and they also automatically compensate for pad wear, which means maintenance requires only an occasional change of braking fluid and replacement brake pads. With disc brakes, the braking surface is moved from the rim of the wheel to a hub-mounted rotor, which means its kept clear of water and mud, which are inevitable parts of mountain biking. This results in a big improvement in stopping power, and reliability in damp conditions.

A bike's brakes improve rideability, and a well-designed braking system inspires confidence and encourages you to ride faster and perform at your very best. You're bound to find the right brakes for your ride on eBay, whether you have a mountain bike, road bike, or an old school BMX.