Bicycle Water Bottles

Bicycle Water Bottles and Cages

To go for a bike ride, the only essential items you need are a bicycle and a helmet. But to get more out of your cycling, there are a whole host of bicycle accessories that allow you to ride further and faster or just have more fun. Given how important hydrating is during exercise, bicycle water bottles and cages are then vital accessories for allowing you to get more out of your ride.

Bicycle Water Bottles

Although you can find water bottles in all sorts of colours and shapes, there are some common factors to look for. For starters, you need to decide whether you're looking for an everyday plastic bottle, or a stainless steel bottle to keep its contents insulated. With plastic bottles, you should look for bottles that are free from harmful compounds like BPA. For convenience's sake, it's also helpful to note whether your bicycle water bottle is dishwasher safe.

Water Bottle Cages

A bicycle water bottle cage may only have one job to do, but it has to combat a lot of factors. From keeping the bottle in place across uneven terrain, to making it easy to load and unload your water bottle, the cage's job is to make life easier for the cyclist.

Kids Water Bottles

While any water bottle design will usually do for most adults, kids have more particular tastes and needs. Decorated with fun designs and patterns, a bicycle water bottle for kids is also designed to be simpler to use and easier to handle for those with smaller hands.

Cycling Hydration Packs

For those that taking their cycling more seriously, cycling hydration packs offer even greater convenience than water bottles. If the act of reaching down to get your wattle bottle seems too time consuming or likely to draw your focus, cycling hydration packs let you rehydrate hands free. By wearing the pack with water on your body, all you need to is get your mouth on the pack's tube, allowing you to keep your form as you cycle onwards.