Car Audio Parts & Accessories

Car Audio Parts and Accessories

Car audio has come a long way from the days when people listened to AM radio and saved up for eight-track players. Modern car audio in-dash units can do more than just play music, some even interface with your mobile phone and vehicle GPS. Car audio is more than just a handful of parts; it can transform your entire driving experience.

Start at the Beginning

Before looking for car audio parts and accessories, it's important to take stock of where you are with your car's stock audio system before determining how to improve it. Most cars sold in Australia come with a basic car audio system consisting of an AM/FM radio with CD player mounted in the dash driving two speakers in front and another two in the rear.

Immediate Upgrades

Probably the first upgrade you should consider is an amplifier. As something that is not included in most stock audio systems, a dedicated amplifier can provide an immediate improvement in your overall listening experience. The purpose of the amplifier is to send a stronger signal to your speakers. While most people think of that as meaning more volume, it can also lead to a better music experience because it makes it easier for the speakers to create a fuller sound. Stronger signals mean the speakers have more information to work with and that means better sound.

Sound and Speakers

In addition to adding an amplifier, you should also look at your car speakers and speaker systems for any audio upgrade. No matter what the source of your audio, the sound you hear comes from the speakers, so getting better speakers means getting better sound. It really is that simple. When you upgrade your speakers, don't forget the subwoofer.

Putting it All Together

Once you have a decent amplifier and speaker system, it's time to move to the in-dash unit. Features to look for include support for digital files so you can connect your portable music player directly to the stereo, as well as Bluetooth support for hands-free calling.