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Keeping your vehicle clean is not always an easy job, but by properly caring for and cleaning your car, you can retain more of its value while making your day-to-day drive more enjoyable. Multiple car care and cleaning products are available for both interior and exterior cleaning, and they range from car polish and wax to wipers and cleaning cloths. Before shopping for car cleaning products, make sure the guidance you choose are suitable for the materials in your vehicle.

Shampoos and waxes

With the help of a shampoo or detergent, you can easily remove any dirt, mud and dust from the exterior surface of your car. Different samples have different compositions, which vary from very mild ones, to more caustic versions designed to remove stubborn dirt. After shampooing, apply some car wax to protect the paint of the vehicle from chipping, fading or discolouring. Make sure that you apply the wax in layers to achieve a very thin coat.

Car cleaning kits

To save time, you can opt for car cleaning kits that include specially formulated shampoos as well as towels or sponges to complete the job in no time. Most kits also come with wax as well, whereas some also include a resin polish and extra gloss protection solutions.

Wash mitts for car cleaning

Wash mitts are a good alternative to regular sponges and towels, and they can protect the paintwork of the car better. This is because they don't drag grit or dirt across the car's paintwork in the same manner sponges do. Multiple types of mitts are available, with microfibre and lambswool being among the most popular choices.

Microfibre cloths

When you've finished with the wash, it's important for the car to be completely dry before applying the wax. Microfibre cloths do a good job at removing all moisture while protecting the paintwork from scratches.

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