Car Video Rear View Monitors, Cameras & Kits for Volkswagen

Car Video Rear View Monitors Cameras Kits for Volkswagen

When you’re driving, it’s imperative that you are constantly aware of your surroundings. If you have pets or young children, it’s even more important that you know what’s behind your vehicle when you are reversing from the garage. Installing a rear view monitor and camera kit in your Volkswagen will improve your vision and give you greater peace of mind.

Real Time

Once you have them fitted and wired, rear view monitors and cameras give you expansive, real-time footage of your Volkswagen’s blind spots. You can have this functionality with either wired rear view monitors, cameras and kits or a wireless rear view monitors, cameras and kits. Regardless, after installing, you will be able to identify any objects, vehicles or people that are getting too close to your vehicle and immediately take action.

Improved Safety

Every year, dozens of young children suffer injury and even death after being run over by people (including family members) who are unknowingly backing their vehicle out of the driveway. You can prevent these tragic incidents by increasing your rear view visibility. By investing in a rear view monitor and camera kit for your Volkswagen, you will be able to constantly observe your blind spots without having to lose focus on the rest of your surroundings.

Parking Assistance

If you are always struggling to maneuver your Volkswagen into tight parking spaces, a rear view monitor and camera system can be a lifesaver. Use the real-time footage to make small steering corrections while you park. Now, you can quickly and safely enter and exit a space without having to worry about bumping into another vehicle or causing a holdup on the road.


You can customise rear view camera and monitor systems to suit many different Volkswagen models. Whether you’re embedding a monitor in the instrument panel or installing a rear view mirror monitor, you’ll be able to adapt the image quality and view to suit your driving requirements.