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Got one to sell?

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Perfect your collection with a Codd bottle

Codd bottles are ideal for those looking to start their collection or for those looking to find the ideal final piece to finish it off. With various designs from different time periods, there's sure to be a collectible bottle suited to you and your collector's cabinet available here on eBay.

Glass Codd bottle for collectors

Bottles are taken for granted, but they play a huge role in everyday life. Glass bottles have helped store and import liquids since as far back as the 1800s, and they're still being used for these very purposes today. Codd bottles in particular were designed specifically for carbonated drinks, such as ginger beer, cordial, and soda. Named after Hiram Codd, the inventor, these bottles became hugely popular across the world.

Often made with a slightly green tinge, these bottles are visually striking. Some of these antique bottles feature alternative designs, from small intricate designs to a dented neck.

Although they are not as widely-used now, they can still be bought with Japanese and Indian soft drinks. The addition of marble and rubber gaskets maximised their strength and minimised loss of fizz, making Codd bottles durable in transportation and reliable for long-lasting taste. Their classic design has made them highly desirable in the collector's market.

With Codd bottles available in different shapes and sizes, they have made their mark as a popular collector's item. Some bottles include the seals of the manufacturers, offering a glimpse into their history and journey across the world. Others, available in sets, represent the development of Codd bottles and their design through the ages. Some bottles even come with their stoppers, ideal for those looking for a complete bottle for their collection.

So whether you're looking for a classic that took over the world, or something special to revamp your antique bottle collection, there's something available to suit every collection of collectible drinkware with the vast selection of Codd bottles on eBay.

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