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Collectable Advertising

Over the years, advertising has gone from signs and newsprint to television adverts. Collectable advertising, such as porcelain signs and biscuit tins, can be an excellent way to add colour to a room's decor or build your collection's value. Since companies have been advertising their wares for decades, there is a great deal to suit every style and preference.

Collectable Agriculture Advertising

Some people collect tractors, while others collect old tractor sales brochures and even manuals. You can, of course, find advertising for different tractor brands depending on your fancy. Other items that may be of interest include apple crate stickers and stencils.

Collectable Petrol Advertising

Collectable petrol advertising is another way to evoke a bygone era. Signs for petrol stations or the products that stations sold can be easily associated with the years the branding was popular. Signs are found in tin as well as enamel. Size, age, and condition will dictate the cost.

Print, Tins, and More

Of course, there are many more categories of advertising to collect. Posters and print material can be less of an investment than a large petrol station sign. Don't forget that advertising in magazines is another collectable. Collectable advertising tins are another niche. Sweets, tobacco, and even cleaning supplies came in reusable tins in the past. Depending on your fancy, you can always find something to suit your taste.

Other Collectable Advertising

Just about any company that has sold products over the years has put out advertising in some form. If you cannot find something that catches your fancy, you may find what you're looking for under a different category. Other collectable advertising includes signage from film companies or even bottles from drink makers.