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Trading Card Games

Trading card games are also known as collectible card games and customisable card games. These card games were invented in 1993 and comprise of specially designed collectible cards. The popular trading card games comprise of a large number of collectible cards. A successful card game is called Magic: The Gathering and has around 17000 collectible cards. Each trading card game comprises of a starter and introductory deck accompanied by a booster deck. Each card has a different rarity level in the set. Digital collectible card games (DCCG) are the digital version of the trading card games, involve the use of avatars and icons, and have recently gained popularity.

Appeal of Trading Card Games

Trading card games are extremely famous because they are extremely immersive and gives a lot of knowledge and provide fun updates about the universe for which the cards are being collected. It is also a competition of strategy and players feel like they are at the top of the rink when they collect and trade good cards and have an excellent and up-to-date card collection. It also helps people in networking and meeting like-minded individuals. These cards and games are ideal for people who usually struggle with meeting and talking to new people.

Famous Trading Card Games

Some famous trading card games include the classic Magic: The Gathering, the Pokémon Trading Card Game, Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, Hearthstone, Shadowverse, Faeria, Urban Rivals, Magic Duels: Origins, Alteil, Sangokushi Taeison, SimCity, Doom Trooper, and Legend of the Five Rings.

Pokemon Trading Card Game

The Pokémon trading card game is based on the video game version of Pokémon and was introduced in 1996. Since then a lot of versions and iterations have been introduced in the market and have gained immense popularity worldwide. In the Pokémon card game, each player becomes a Pokémon trainer, each player competes their Pokémon against each other's Pokémons, and the one who wins gets a prize card. This way players build up their card collection.