Door Locks and Lock Mechanisms

A door is only as good as its locking mechanism. The thing to remember about door hardware is that doors are fastened on three points: two hinges and the latch. That means your lock needs to withstand twice as much force as the hinges in order to provide the same amount of protection. Everything in your home is behind your doors; it's not the place to skimp.


The majority of door locks and lock mechanisms are built right into the door with the mechanism mounted between the knobs or levers. These are known as mortise locks. Rimlocks attach to the side of the door rather than inside it. By placing all the hardware on the side of the door, they provide an extra layer of security, and allow for simpler installation. They also spread out the mounting area for more strength.

Smart Locks

One of the newer advances in door hardware is the proliferation of smart locks. Depending on the lock in question, these locks can support either keyless entry or remote activation. Some will even lock themselves depending on the location of your mobile. Just set a range and when the phone's GPS detects you've moved out of range, and the door locks automatically. Others have numeric keypads and a wide range of features, from Wi-Fi through Bluetooth.

Whitco Locks

Whitco has been a leader in the Australian home security market for years. You can find Whitco door locks and lock mechanisms for all kinds of doors and windows. There are Whitco locks for hinged doors, sliding doors, and even security screen doors.

Lockwood Locks

Lockwood door locks and lock mechanisms provide all the peace and security you need. Secure connect takes a step beyond simple keyless entry to full wireless connectivity whether with your home Wi-Fi network or your mobile carrier. It's all in the name: Lockwood.