Drink Trolleys and Tea Trolleys

Drink and tea trolleys are essentially drink trays on wheels, rolling from the kitchen to your sitting room, dining room or living room with coffee, tea and/or cocktails. They make serving food or beverages easy, especially when you have guests around. Some trolleys even have space for snacks, making it easier for you to carry items without making return trips. In addition, they are fun to use and can double as handy kitchen carts.


Trolleys come in many styles and designs, whether you're serving high tea or a few drinks at your next soiree. Some hand trolleys offer a vintage design, while others are more modern and chic. They range in styles from those with several tiers to novelty options like a miniature globe-shaped drinks cabinet, and you can choose from Art Deco, retro, modern or classic designs. A heavy-duty option is sturdy and stands the test of time. Trolleys range from small to large, and their designs vary due to the material and features they offer.


Select the right trolley based on the material you prefer. A wooden trolley has a distinctly antique look, while a stainless-steel trolley is modern and functional. There are also aluminium options for outdoor use, metal trolleys with mirrored trays and ornate wrought iron trolleys that add a bit of elegance to your afternoon cup of tea. Coordinate your trolley with your existing furniture, such as dining tables and kitchen islands, to add a polished look to your home.


Though drink trolleys have a specific use, some come with added features. For example, some bar trolleys offer a variety of storage options for glasses and other drink accessories. When making your choice, you can choose a trolley with a glass top for a sophisticated, upscale look, while a trolley with tall rails gives you a good spot to hang a towel. If you're making mixed drinks, look for a design that has bottle compartments, so bottles stay steady as you roll your cart. A trolley that lifts to reveal an ice bucket makes portable bartending a cinch, and trolleys with sides that fold up can create an instant table.

Trolley Uses

Not only are trolleys great for serving tea and cocktails, but you can transform one into a coffee or hot chocolate station for guests, use it as a small dessert bar or load it with finger foods for appetisers. When you're not using the trolley, let it pull double duty as a storage spot for plates and glasses or mugs. A trolley in your bathroom is a clever way to store bathroom supplies if you're lacking in counter or cabinet space.