Farming and Agriculture Hanging Scales

Hanging scales have a variety of applications in farming and agricultural settings, from weighing produce and animals to keeping track of livestock supplies and equipment for transport. You can select from highly-accurate digital hanging scales or dial agricultural hanging scales that don't require a power source, with most showing measurements in kilogrammes, pounds and ounces.

Advantages of Hanging Scales

One of the main advantages of hanging scales over floor scales is their flexibility, with any strong surface on a ceiling or overhanging providing an adequate mount for hanging the scales. You can also select a range of different attachable platforms depending on what you are weighing, including curved bowls that are ideal for produce and flat palettes that are better for packages.

Hanging Dial Scales

Hanging dial scales are ideal if you want the freedom of not needing any external power source to do your weighing. They are automatically calibrated at zero, taking into account the weight of the scale unit and any components that are attached to it. You can also manually set the unit at zero if you are adding different platforms. Hanging dial scales are great for both small and large quantities of weight, making them a valuable addition to your farming and agriculture equipment.

Digital Hanging Scales

For the greatest weighing precision, consider investing in a digital hanging scale that uses a digital sensor system for enhanced accuracy. Digital hanging scales have an LCD display screen for reading digitised weights with the option for numerous different measurement values. They are available in lightweight and portable models that can be mounted where it suits your needs, and many include a tare function that deducts the weight of your platform or holding container. Digital hanging scales run on batteries or an AC adapter with most shutting down automatically after a certain period of not being in use to help preserve their life.

Extra-Heavy Weight Thresholds

Are you weighing extra-heavy produce or livestock? Hanging scales are available in hefty 300 kg, 500 kg and even 1,000 kg models to meet all your agricultural and farm equipment needs.