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Hobie Kayaks

Get your blood pumping, stay fit, build muscle, and be entertained - all without having to step foot into a gym! Extreme sports are fast-becoming one of the best ways to stay active and have fun, all while nurturing a healthy competitive streak. When youre tired of the treadmill, step out of your comfort zone and into a pair of paddling shoes for a day of kayaking.

Living in Australia, we are blessed to have so many beautiful waterways in which to go kayaking, canoeing and wakeboarding. So dont waste these natural opportunities – invest in a Hobie kayak and maximise your fun and enjoyment while learning a new skill!

Explore the Hobie way of life

Hobie kayaks are undoubtedly one of the worlds bestselling and most well-known products in the water sports industry. Since the 1960s, Hobie Alter has been crafting quality kayaks for surf enthusiasts all over the world.

There are many different types of Hobie kayaks to suit your needs and level of expertise. One of the most popular models is the Pro Angler, and it is one of the most stable fishing platforms on the market. Featuring a powerful pedal system that can really push the boat along at a nice and stead clip, you are able to cover more water with greater speed than other kayaks.

The Hobie Mirage Drive is a foot-propelled system that uses two underwater flippers, which propel the kayak with incredible speed. This means that in adverse conditions, such as wind and current, you are still able to travel long distances with great efficiency.

Buy a Hobie kayak online on eBay today and enjoy competitive prices that you wont find at your local sports store. eBay should be your first choice for extreme sports equipment, including canoes, wakeboards, surfboards and more. Buy outright or place a bid against other potential buyers for your chance to score some gnarly deals. Surfs up!