Give your lawn some love with lawn mowers, part and accessories from eBay. 

Is your lawn mower sounding a little unwell? Perhaps not producing the standard of lawn mowing you’ve come to expect? It might be time to trade in for a new model. At eBay, we have a great range of lawn mowers, parts and accessories for you to choose from to ensure you have a machine that’s up to the job. Check out great brands such as Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Rover and Victa to discover brand new and used options for delivery and local pick-up. 

You have several options when choosing your next lawnmower. One of the first things to think about is whether you’d like a push mower or a riding mower. Push mowers can be either operated manually or operated by petrol or electricity, but still involve walking behind the mower as it does its job. Riding mowers allow you to go for a cruise with your mower, ideal for larger areas or if you aren’t keen on walking too far. 

Once you’ve chosen your style of mower, then it’s time to choose how it’s going to be powered up. Electric mowers are powered either by a cord or with a rechargeable battery. If you only have a small area to mow, a corded lawnmower could be just fine. If you have a huge garden or multiple areas to mow, consider the convenience of a cordless mower. 

Another option is to go for a petrol mower. While these may tend to be heavier than electric mowers, petrol mowers generally offer more power and are better for larger lawns.  

Before you say goodbye to your old lawnmower, make sure the problem isn’t something that can be fixed with the help of some new parts and accessories. Investing in some new wheels, blades or filters could be the difference between saving your lawnmower and throwing it away. Head to eBay to see what we have to offer.