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Transform your lashes with mascara

When it comes to achieving eyelash volume, curve and colour, mascara is the go-to product to make an impact with. Your eyes and eye makeup can be transformed with a coat or two of liquid mascara in a shade that suits your mood. Many mascara products are waterproof and long lasting so you can party all night looking as glamorous as you did when you first stepped out. Browse a plethora of heavenly products to give your peepers a fresh, sophisticated look on eBay.

Waterproof mascara

If you lead an active lifestyle and run the risk of makeup malfunctions whenever you go swimming or do hot yoga, maybe it's time to switch to a waterproof mascara. Christian Dior blackout mascara is the antidote to smudges and streaks because its polymer waterproof formula keeps your mascara locked to the lashes until you remove it with cleanser. Its sophisticated properties thicken your lashes while the brush applicator separates and spaces lashes evenly.

Waterproof mascara gives you the potential to look great for longer.

Two-tone mascara

When you're short on space in your makeup bag, or you find it difficult deciding which mascara to put on in the morning, a two-tone mascara could be just the ticket. The eye opening two-tone mascara from Estee Lauder is highly versatile as it gives you two contrasting colours and applicator types so you get more out of the product. This nifty eye makeup tool fits neatly in your handbag, and the dual function means you can change your look throughout the day if you wish.

Lash curling mascara

Create a curl sensation when you use mascara with a built-in curling applicator. Flat lashes can be transformed when you use a product like roller lash curling mascara from Benefit. Not only does the instant curve-setting formula hold your lashes in position for 12 hours, it removes the need to finish your look with eyelash tools like curlers. Get ready for a satin, doll-like finish and ultra moisturised lashes that are conditioned by the pro-vitamin B5 and serin formula.