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Modern Dressers and Chests of Drawers

Modern design, in relation to furniture, generally emphasises simple, clean lines and the utility of the furniture. Modern furniture was almost unilaterally produced in the late 1900s through the present, and it embodies the ethos of Modernist ideals: practicality, usefulness, and a lack of ostentation and ornamentation. Most modern furniture displays simple, geometric shapes, synthetic materials, polished surfaces and single colours rather than ornate patterns, gilding, and high-quality woods.

Modern Chest of Drawer Brands

Popular brands of modern chest of drawers and dressers include IKEA and Maples, both of which are known for producing high-quality products at affordable prices. Other notable brands include Gibbings, Stilnovo, Jardan, Molmic, the Modern, Comax and Zuster. Most brands mark the backs, bottoms or inner drawers of their chests with the brand and model of the dressers.

Modern Chest of Drawer Materials

Find modern dressers and chests of drawers in dozens of different materials. The most common include melamine, plastic and other synthetic materials. Metals, or metal and fabric combination dressers, are also common. When modern furniture uses wood, it is often MDF, chipboard or particle board with wood effect laminates. In other cases, some furniture pieces include real hardwoods such as ash, birch, maple, pine, oak or walnut.

Modern Chest of Drawer Orientations

Modern dressers and chests of drawers come in two orientations: horizontal and vertical. For those with limited space, vertical drawers are the best option, as they have a significantly smaller footprint but maximise storage room for the available space. However, horizontal modern dressers offer a great deal of flat surface, usually at table height, making them ideal for storing other objects within easy reach, such as books, electronics, makeup, jewellery and home decor items. Horizontal modern chests of drawers even double as entertainment centres or sideboards.

Modern Dresser and Chest Style Types

As 'modern' style dressers and chests of drawers are simply those which fit into a broad category of appearance and time of production, there are many style types for dressers and chests within the modern classification. For example, contemporary dressers and chests of drawers are those which apply current vogue trends to the modern aesthetic. For example, if rich dark wood grains are the contemporary furniture vogue, modern furniture fitting that classification would also be contemporary. Industrial modern furniture is another good example of a style of modern chests, which might feature wrought iron hardware and particularly sturdy, bold construction.

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