Motorcycle Lifts & Jacks

Motorcycle Lifts and Jacks

Any rider who is into the motorcycle itself just as much as riding it can use a motorcycle lift or jack in the garage. Do it yourself oil changes and tyre rotations will get a lot easier when there is a motorcycle jack or lift involved. Professional mechanics can also benefit from having motorcycle lifts or stands in the shop. It allows you to expand your business and better accommodate customers.


Motorcycle lifts come in a variety of options. If you are more of a fix-it-yourself person, a compact lift is nice. They tend to be smaller and than other jacks and some can fold for easy storage while it’s not in use. They’re a good fit for a home garage or workshop. Heavy duty jacks and lifts are well suited to professional garages. They can lift just about any weight motorcycle, ATV or scooter. Look for rubber mats on the lift platform and tie downs to ensure the vehicle stays put, and you stay safe.

Hydraulic Jacks

Nowadays most jacks are hydraulic. This makes lifting much easier on the body. With little to no effort, you can lift a vehicle fairly quickly. Some motorcycle lifts and jacks have a foot pedal, while others have a hand crank to raise and lower. Some even incorporate a trolley, so that you can easily roll it around the shop or garage.


Motorbike stands are excellent for making repairs when you’re on the road. They are small but very powerful for the size. You can easily throw it in the truck bed or trailer just as easily as you can slide it under a workbench or hand it on a wall in the garage. Front and rear stands are ideal for transporting and showcasing your motorbike.


There are many quality brands to choose from. Motorcycle jacks are a necessary accessory for any rider, and brands like Honda, Yamaha and Tufflift understand that. Consider where you plan on working on your bike, go kart or ATV as well as the size and weight of your vehicle when choosing a motorcycle lift or jack.