Motorcycle Lifts & Stands

Motorcycle Lifts Stands

If you own or work on bikes, it’s beneficial to have motorcycle lifts and stands. With motorcycle paddock stands, it's easier and faster to finish your work done get back out on the road. The type, size and material composition of the lift you purchase needs to fit into your workshop and offer you all the features you require.


The only reason to use a permanently based stand is if you work on motorcycles day in and day out. Most people don't need to use a lift every day, so it's better to have a stand that you can easily move and store when you're not using it. For this reason, you want to look for a lift that is incredibly lightweight. If you work on motorcycles as part of your career, however, it pays to have a larger, stationary model.


What sets one model apart from another is its power. The three most common types of power are manual, air and hydraulic. If you only use it occasionally to make repairs on your own motorcycle, a manual power lift will work just fine. However, if it's a tool that you use on a daily or weekly basis, you would benefit more from an air or hydraulic system.

Branded or Unbranded

Although there are many good brands on the market, there isn't anything wrong with purchasing unbranded motorcycle lifts and stands. Often, you get the same high-quality product but at a lower cost that fits into your budget better.


An important consideration should be the versatility of the motorcycle accessories you own. For example, when you have extension panels you can add an extra 50.8 to 76.2 centimetres in length to the front or back of your stand. This is significantly beneficial when you work on a wide assortment a motorcycle sizes and models.