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Nike Air Athletic Shoes for Men

Take sport to the next level with Nike Air Sneakers

Whether you’re competitive or just focused on bettering your fitness, Nike Air sneakers are the perfect sneakers for you. Nike Air sneakers build off the innovative design choices from the original sneakers and craft a well-rounded shoe that anywhere can wear – and everyone can love.

Designed to be great

Building off the original Nike Air sneakers' innovative design in 1979, the current Nike Air shoes have been designed to be a performance shoe. This means the shoes are designed for basketball, running, athletics, and any sport you enjoy.

Using its iconic Air technology, Nike Air uses pressurised air in a durable but flexible membrane, which provides your feet with a soft cushioned underlining. The pressurised air compresses each impact and then immediately returns to its original state and volume, ready for the next step. This innovation means that energy is returned to your foot with each impact, giving you the boost you need so you can spend less time down, and more time springing to action.

Nike Air’s pressurised air is kept inside a durable but flexible bag, which provides boost without comprising support. The Air-Sole units maintain their given form with elasticity, which keeps the shoe lightweight, supportive, and cushioned.

Lightweight durability

As Nike Air sneakers use pressurised air, Nike cushioning reduces the weight of the sneakers without removing any crucial features the kicks include. The lighter the sneaker is, the less energy the athlete will exert, meaning the athlete can use more energy where it matters – in their sport.

As the lightweight cushioning gives the footwear longevity , Nike Air sneakers will support your journey for a long time. There are various Nike Air sneakers found on eBay, in a range of colours, and also available for women.

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