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Non-Slip Bathroom Appliques & Mats

Non-Slip Bathroom Appliques and Mats

Essentially, non-slip appliques are stickers which can be applied to a smooth surface to create a non-slip environment. They are great for use in the bath tub, especially where either children or older bath users risk sliding and incurring injury. Equally, place them anywhere on a tiled bathroom floor or in the shower tray. Non-slip bathroom stickers can be discreet and relatively transparent in design or more fun and creative. They are often sold unbranded; brands in the non-slip applique field include Munchkin and Dreambaby.

How Non-Slip Appliques Work

Non- slip appliques are available in several forms. Simple and inconspicuous strips are one option which you can apply in vertical lines for a neat, practical application. There are circular designs, too. For those who want to utilise the stickers as a fully visible feature in the bathroom, decorative styles include coloured stickers in the shape of shells, flowers, ducks and fish. Most of these anti-slip stickers are easily removable, relying on suction.

Non-Slip Safety Bath Mats

To prevent slipping hazards in the bathroom, non-slip bath mats are an obvious and inexpensive solution. Rather than using individual stickers, you can select a non-slip bath mat to match your space. Most of these use suction pads to stick to the surface which again means they are easily installed and removed. Some types of bath mats include those with absorbent material, memory foam, rubber or PVC.

Anti-Slip Mats and Appliques for Children

Bath time is more fun with anti-slip appliques made for children. Some designs feature popular childrens characters, cartoons and underwater themes, such as starfish and seahorses. They can easily be packed in luggage when going away, ensuring bath time still stays safe for kids.

Non-Slip Solutions for Wet Areas

Alternate uses for these handy non-slip appliques and mats include other areas that get slippery too: for example by the kitchen sink, in the laundry or tiled hallways.