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Oral-B Toothbrush Replacement Heads

Oral-B Toothbrush Replacement Heads

No Oral-B electric toothbrush can ensure that your teeth are sparklingly clean and without any plaque if you leave the toothbrush itself unattended. The more you brush, the more the head wears out, and at some point, it cannot provide you the same cleaning results. Fortunately, as toothbrush replacement heads usually come in a bundle, you do not have to worry about getting new ones too often. Still, choose wisely, as the heads provide different benefits.

Basics of Oral-B Brush Heads

Each Oral-B brush head, be it either for a simple model or an advanced Oral-B Sonic electric toothbrush, combines the best efforts of hard-working scientists and engineers who have contributed into its design. These toothbrush replacement heads stand out for their round shape, a reiteration of that of professional dental tools. The brush heads work with any Oral-B toothbrush, except the pulsonic ones. Change the heads every three months to ensure optimal performance.

Basic Heads

Even the simplest replacement heads do a better job at cleaning your teeth than manual toothbrushes. The Precision Clean heads is the best option for electric toothbrushing beginners and it is very comfortable to use, cleaning one tooth at a time as you move it along. The Dual Clean features already two moving brush heads for quicker cleaning and penetrates hard to reach places.

Specialty Designs

People with braces get the most benefits when using the Ortho Care, specifically designed for this purpose. While wearing braces, your teeth are more sensitive to plaque, and cleaning is of utmost importance, so take this helping hand to better clean around the braces. For a gentle clean, choose the Sensitive Clean that has extra soft bristles, which do not hurt your gums, but still provide superior cleaning. However, if white teeth are your biggest concern, pick the Pro White, which has a special soft polishing cup, removing stains to ensure you whiter teeth from the first day of using it.

Deeper Cleaning

The Deep Sweep comes with bristles of different heights to reach even the hardest to reach areas in your mouth. If you are the kind of person who always has some kind of food stuck between the teeth, this might be the solution. With the Flossaction brush head, you get two features in one because you can sometimes forget about flossing without feeling any guilt. The advanced MicroPulse bristles on this head ensure better cleaning between the teeth and although it does not replace flossing entirely, it does make it easier.