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Transform your furniture with cabinet hardware

If you're tired of bits falling off your trusty old filing or storage cabinet, then why not restore it to its former glory by choosing from the huge range of furniture and cabinet hardware and drawer accessories.

Drawer runners

Drawer runners are the parts that sit on the inside of the cabinet on either side of each drawer to allow it to freely move in and out. Over time, these runners can become rusty or damaged, so that the drawer stops moving in a smooth motion, or even doesn't come out at all. The good news is they're very easily repairable, by removing the drawer in question, taking off the old runner and replacing it with a new one. With a large range of sizes available, you're bound to find the one you're looking for. Many also come with special ball bearings inside to make sliding the doors much easier and quieter.

Shelf support pins

Shelves which aren't properly supported can be extremely dangerous. It may be that the original shelf supports have become weak or damaged, or that any original pin supports have come away or gone missing. There is a wide range of products on offer support for your shelving that is hidden away so looks good too. Durable, reliable and inexpensive, they're available for everything from filing cabinets to wall shelving and hanging up art.


Hinges can become weak for a number of reasons, meaning cupboard doors can sag. But with a large range of hinges for sale in a variety of sizes and designs, you're sure to find the perfect one to revive your kitchen units or office cabinets in no time. Tough and corrosion resistant, new hinges can really breathe new life into an old door, especially as many now come with silent closing too.

Door knobs

If you're looking to spruce up your old cupboards in the bathroom or maybe a bedroom, try adding some new handles or knobs to your cupboard doors. Take a look at the range of handles and knobs on offer from vintage or acrylic to chrome or satin, and transform your cabinets.