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Car amplifiers

If you're spending a lot of time in your car, then the quality of your audio system is very important to you. Unfortunately, most cars come with pretty weedy stereo systems. Fortunately, Pioneer has created this fantastic line of high quality car audio amplifiers, giving you significantly improved sound quality and volume in your vehicle.

Turn up the volume

The right amplifier can turn even a fairly mediocre car audio system into a sound machine with so much more power. You'll be able to turn the bass up to 11 and beyond every time you hit the road. Stop putting up with your poor quality sound system and combine one of these amplifiers with some high-quality speakers or other in-car audio-kits that you can find on eBay. You'll have an unbelievable driving experience, no matter what music channel you like.

Easy installation and compatibility

To ensure that everyone can own a Pioneer head unit and get the best possible audio quality, many of these amps make it easy to connect OEM head units (the one that came pre-installed when you first bought the car) or those from third-party manufacturers that you've since fitted to your Mazda wheels or another car.

The ideal location for your new hardware varies from car to car, but popular choices include the boot, under one of the seats, or in the side door of the passenger seat. It might pay to think about this before you dive in with the installations. Amplifiers are classified according to their output signal, and here you can find mono amps, class AB, and class D technology.

Nothing should get in the way of you enjoying superior audio quality in your car with one of these fantastic amplifiers. In addition, the high level of compatibility means it is easy to switch your car audio system to another vehicle if you decide to change cars.