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Ralph Lauren Men's Casual Shirts

Ralph Lauren Men’s Casual Shirts

When it comes to men’s clothing, Ralph Lauren has an impeccable selection of casual shirts for men. Look for both winter and summer styles that offer both comfort and style.

Ralph Lauren Casual Shirt Types

When shopping for casual shirts, there are a few types to choose from. A short-sleeve polo shirt is an optimal choice in summer, for everything from golfing to lunch dates. A long-sleeved thin button down has a few options, as either as casual or business casual choice any time of year. Look for thicker, flannel button-down shirts for long days in winter.

Ralph Lauren Brands

Ralph Lauren has several different lines and brands for men when it comes to casual shirts. In addition to the very popular Polo Ralph Lauren, men’s shirts are also available under Ralph Lauren Black Label, Purple Label, Ralph and Lauren.

Material Choices

When it comes to choosing Ralph Lauren shirts, material choices have a lot to do with the time of year. Choose thin cotton shirts for spring and summer, and thicker shirts such as denim, chambray or flannel for fall and winter. Cotton blends are a great choice for any time of year.