Roof Air Vent

Roof Air Vent Trailer Parts

Keep the air fresh and flowing easily in your trailer with a working roof air vent. Search for new or used roof air vents in the selection of trailer parts, which also includes trailer couplings and submersible LED trailer lights.

Benefits of Using Air Vents in Trailers

In addition to improving the flow of air in a trailer for a more comfortable riding experience for all, air vents also remove dust, dirt, humidity, pollen, cooking odours and exhaust fumes, creating a cooler, healthier, fresher-smelling and more hygienic environment. Animal transport vehicles, such as horse floats and dog trailers, also remain free of pests and insects with roof air vents.

Types of Trailer Roof Air Vents

Trailer roof air vents are of two types: those that bring the air into the trailer and those that expel air out of it. Also known as the rat trap vents, pop-up air vents bring gusts of air into the trailer and usually have a seal that prevents dust and rain from coming inside. On the other hand, rotary vents, or the whirly birds, spin easily from natural wind or any movement by the trailer to circulate air, while the Muller-type vents extract air so efficiently that they are best for smoko vans as they remove food odours fast.


Trailer vents are made from durable materials that can withstand the constant vibrations of a moving vehicle. These include the economical PVC that neither reflects heat, nor rusts for lasting use, as well as the sturdy powder-coated aluminium or steel that last through all sorts of weather and do not bend under strong winds.

Advantages of Wind-Driven Air Vents

Wind-driven trailer roof air vents use natural wind to run and are easy to install and simple to operate. They also do not need a source of power to run, so do not bother you with electrical connections and maintenance.