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Shop Displays

Shelving and shop displays have a large impact on sales because oftentimes, the manner of displaying products is the only way a buyer can tell if your stuff is worth their money. So if you run a gift shop, apparel store or any other store for that matter, choose high quality shop displays to make a good impression on the people shopping around.

Display Shelves

Display shelves are the number 1 shop displays for small items like knick knacks, books, perfumery and others. Choose a steel wire metal shelf for your book displays that go well with a modern-themed shop. A bookcase shelving unit is great for selling magazines, notebooks and novels. Set them up at the checkout counter facing the customer in case anything you display catches their eye. Selling doughnuts or pastries? Get an acrylic display shelf that gives buyers a clean look at your delectable pastries.

Display Stands

Stands are quite different from shelves. They are basically platforms you put your products on. The size depends on the product you are selling. You can get up to four large wooden stands that increase in elevation to display clothing, bags and trousers. But if you're selling perfumes or jewellery, acrylic stands on a table top is the way to go. Remember to display larger products more prominently to attract a buyer while setting small items close to the bigger ones to get a better chance at them wanting to pick them up.

Clothes Hangers

Shop display racks are the best ways to showcase new arrivals and such. Hang your newest clothes on the rack with the sign that reads 'New Arrivals', and then keep stocks of those same clothes on stands close to the racks so interested buyers can grab cleanly folded items for their carts.