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Make it all about the bass with speakers and subwoofers

Choosing from a speaker or a subwoofer really depends on the experience you're after. The main difference is the frequency range. If you're a DJ or a singer, you'll probably want both. But if you're just listening to music or watching movies at home, you could choose either option.


Music deserves to be heard loud and clear, and listening on your phone or computer through the TV sometimes just doesn't cut it. Adding a speaker to the mix provides you with louder sound that can enhance your general listening experience. There are a range of options to consider, including portability, durability, shape and size.

You can choose from Bluetooth speakers that connect wirelessly to your music device, or speakers you can plug directly into your home theatre for immediate sound. And you can find speakers that have added features, such as an FM tuner, speakerphone, built-in charger and even remote controls.


If you love it loud, a subwoofer can take your music of home theatre experience to the next level. There are two types to consider – active subwoofers and passive subwoofers. Active has a built-in amplifier, while passive has an external amplifier.

When it comes to sound you can sometimes lose some of the bass tones and depth of the sound at around 50Hz. A subwoofer reaches down to about 20Hz, sometimes lower, so you'll never miss a beat.

Subwoofers also allow you to play your music or movies as loud as you want without distortion, and they tend to deliver the bass notes and other instruments as the artist intended. You'll feel like you're sitting in the audience of a live concert.

If you want to shop by brand, you'll find plenty of favourites, including Ultimate Ears, Bose, Sonos, JBL, Samsung, Bang & Olufsen, and LH online on eBay. Sound like a good idea? Check them out today.

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