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Tea Kettles

Used primarily to heat water for tea, or other food or drink preparation like soup and coffee, tea kettles have places in a majority of homes. They are a common appliance, like a blender or a toaster. There are two general types of tea kettles: manual and electric. Additionally, tea kettles come in a variety of different materials to match any kitchen aesthetic.

Manual tea kettles heat from an external source, most commonly a stovetop, but you can also used them over fires when camping. Because of this, they have more versatility, but they lack the convenience of electric tea kettle automatic off function. Many manual kettles whistle when the water is boiling. Hot steam escapes from a hole in the spout, creating that familiar high-pitched whistling noise.

Electric tea kettles do not require the use of an external heating source, like a stovetop. Because they use electricity, they are limited to a power source and in power outages or while camping, you won't be able to use them. Many people prefer electric tea kettles because they heat to an exact temperature then stop boiling and either turn off, or keep the water warm. Depending on the model, electric tea kettles can heat more quickly than manual tea kettles.

The majority of stovetop tea kettles use stainless steel. Stainless steel kettles are common because they are durable and do not tarnish. Copper is popular not just because of its appealing colour, but also because it attracts heat better than steel. However, it is prone to dents, since it is a softer metal. Enamel tea kettles can be susceptible to chipping, and manufacturers paint them in enamel to reduce rusting on the cast iron body. Glass tea kettles are popular because they are aesthetically pleasing, as people can watch the water boil through the kettle. They are also easy to clean.

Gooseneck spouts are popular for people using their kettle to pour over coffee, as it has a continuous, predictable pour. Many electric kettles have features like automatic off, keep warm option, LED lights, and water purification filter.