Tote Bags for Women

Popular tote bags

Carry it all with a new tote bag from eBay

One of the most popular and widely-used bags across Australia is the tote bag. True to its meaning "to carry", tote bags let you carry a variety of items conveniently. Although they are usually associated and treated as shopping bags, there’s more to tote bags than just carrying your grocery items.

Reasons why tote bags are more than just a shopping bag

Stylish colours and designs

Originally made with canvas, tote bags have come a long way and now come in different colours, prints, patterns and designs to easily match your outfits. They are usually inexpensive compared to other bags, so you can buy two or more to match your wardrobe.


Depending on the occasion or purpose for which you’re wearing, tote bags can match your style and outfit to complete your look. Sophisticated leather tote bags can go with your fancy look while cotton and canvas tote bags go well with any casual and chic outfit.

Easy to Carry

Most tote bags have easy-to-carry handles which you can wear like a shoulder bag, or sometimes even like a crossbody bag. This saves you from the inconvenience of carrying bags with too-short handles that are difficult to lug around and bags with too-long handles that keep falling off your arms and shoulders.


Tote bags are normally made larger and more spacious than other bags to let you carry more stuff which makes it the perfect shopping bag. However, more than your shopping activity, tote bags are also ideal as carry-on bags that are suitable for travelling.

Whether you’re looking for a versatile shopping tote bag, elegant leather tote, or carry-on travel tote bag, eBay you covered with a wide range of bags and handbags for women.