Toy Gun

Hunting a cool toy gun for the kids to play with in the backyard or for you to use as an accessory with your fancy dress costume? eBay has toy pistols, shotguns, rifles, machine guns and nerf guns that fire a variety of toy bullets. It's hours of fun for almost all ages. With a massive range of toy guns for sale, it's time to set our sights on the best options.

Replica colt rubber bullet toy gun

This toy gun is 1:1 scale replica of the famous M1911 Colt .45 with a 5-round removable magazine and spring loaded slide. It comes in colourful plastic and fires either rubber bullets or soft rubber-tip plastic bullets between 12 and 15 feet, depending on the make and model. You can also buy a version of this toy gun that fires suction cup bullets up to 22 feet. These toy handguns are generally recommended for ages 3+.

Pump action nerf bullet toy shotgun

A toy pump action shotgun is a type of nerf blaster that fires nerf bullets / EVA foam darts or 9-11mm water crystal gel balls. It makes the signature pump action noise when loading. It is 61cm long x 15cm high and shoots approximately 20-25 metres depending on the ammunition used and the weather conditions.

Electric toy machine gun

This electric toy machine gun is made out of tough plastic and features battle sounds and vibrations when pulling the trigger. The infrared gun sight, blue night search light and muzzle flash light add to the fun. The toy is 7cm long x 30cm high x 4cm wide and is appropriate for ages 6+. This type of toy gun usualluy requires 3 x AA batteries that are not included. All toy gun packages generally come with toy bullets. Extra rubber or EVA foam bullets can also be purchased separately.

If you're looking for other ways to entertain the kids, fly into eBay and check out the quality kites for sale.