Video Cameras

Video Cameras

When you need something a step above your smartphone, video cameras are a great idea. Whether you’re trying to catch fast, real-live action with something like a helmet video cam or you’re interested in taking professional videos, you'll need a professional video camera. There are many video cameras to choose from with specifications and features that are bound to perfectly meet your needs.

Live Action Options

When it comes to the best video cameras for water sports, mountain biking, or a range of other activities, there are a few choices at your fingertips. GoPro Helmet Action video cameras fit securely and snugly in any type of helmet, with included mounts and mount hardware to offer you a perfect fit. Whether you’re ziplining, racing cars, or participating in an activity where you need your video camera to be hands-free, these action cameras are great choices. Many of these also include waterproof options.

Brands You Trust

Beyond GoPro, you’ll also find myriad choices of names and brands you’ve come to know and trust over the years. Sony offers choices ranging from digital cameras to live action camcorders. Look for handheld options that are perfect for capturing family memories, or miniature options that work well just in the palm of your hand. Other popular brands include Blackmagic Design, Panasonic, and SJCAM.

HD Video

Part of the reason you’re selecting a video camera in addition to your owning your smartphone or mobile phone is to reap the benefits of truly HD audio and video. Many of the available video camera options offer true HD, with rich 4K video, along with other selections, such as optical zoom, low-light sensitivity, and choices for active or still frames.

Technologically Advanced

Today’s video cameras are definitely not the large cameras from the 1980s that included a VHS tape as part of the recording process. Look for a video camera that meets all of your state-of-the-art technological needs. Many of the available options include features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, voice control, auto upload to cloud features, location capture, and a touchscreen display.